What Your Throw Pillows Say About You

We have a theory that a person’s style can be entirely summed up in their choice of throw pillows. Think about it: It’s one of the few items in your home that’s almost purely for aesthetics, and where you have an essentially infinite number of choices in terms of color, material, size, and pattern combinations. The pillows you finally decide on should be a pretty exacting example of your style, the way you want your home to look, and even your personality. Since we have a bunch of beautiful throw pillows currently on site, we decided to put out theory to the test. Choose a favorite pillow, and then check out the matching persona. Are we right?


flax pillow blue embroidery

The Pillow: Embroidered Flax Throw Pillow
The Persona:
The Beachcomber
Summer is your favorite season, you live for days on the beach, and you love Connecticut’s quintessential coastal architecture. Your dream home would be a clapboard colonial overlooking the ocean, but your aesthetic is too sophisticated for the obvious coastal motifs so you incorporate seaside style with color instead.

gaultier le male pillow
The Pillow: Leilievre John Paul Gaultier Le Male pillow
The Persona: The New Yorker
You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl. You spent your twenties living in TriBeCa, and even though you’ve since moved to the ‘burbs, your decor will always nod to your inner downtown doyenne.
hermes green silk pillow

The Pillow: Large Vintage Hermes Silk Throw Pillow
The Persona:
The Heiress
If Sotheby’s wouldn’t sell it at auction, you’re not interested. You prefer the timelessness and quality of antiques, know the value of investing in designer or original pieces, and

p kauffman cosmos pillows -2

The Pillow: P. Kaufman Cosmos Pillow Pair
The Persona: The Cool Mom
You might have four kids, but that’s not going to cramp your glamorous style, and you’ve even found ways to make it practical. After all, leather is super-easy to wipe down, faux-fur throws are cozy during family movie night, and leopard spots are perfect camouflage for stains, right?


quadrille pillows - 1
The Pillow: Dark Denim Quadrille Throw Pillows
The Persona: The Trendsetter
You’re the creative type and you love to travel, and your home is a reflection of both. You have a worldly aesthetic cultivated through trips around the globe, you’re not afraid to mix and match styles to create an eclectic look that’s all your own, and you love the blank-canvas vibe that modern furniture allows.

throw pillows - floral

The Pillow: Pink and Orange Floral Throw Pillow
The Persona: The Prepster
You’re preppy and you know it. Your wardrobe is made up of Lily Pulitzer, J. Crew, and Tory Burch and you’ve never met a strip you didn’t like. Your home has traditional roots, but your liberal use of color means it’s a fun and happy place that’s anything but serious.

Which style are you? How close were we?

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