A Typical Situation

I recently planned a very casual family BBQ with a few family friends, the menu was planned, a playlist was in the making and I even knew what I was going to wear. I was, at least, three steps ahead of where I normally am when hosting a get together. The weather forecast was even cooperating! A day or two before the planned party, I ventured out to my back patio to take a look, and with eyes wide open I thought, “oh, no.” My outdoor furniture looked very VERY sad. Not a good situation to say the least.

I go inside to try and rush order new cushions – not a chance, just cushion covers – still no way, how about slipcovers – couldn’t find one I would even consider. So I take to Google and type a desperate plea from DYI type people, which I am not. Although, after looking at a few articles I realize that maybe I could be? I have a glue gun and duct tape, hmmmmmm.

I consider what fabrics I would like on my cushions if I could choose anything. First thought: beachy. I then think beach quilt and recall that I have a well-loved quilt I got for the beach a few years ago – inspiration. I place over very ugly cushions and voila, things are looking up for this industrious Suzy homemaker to be! Cue light bulb moment!! Roberta Roller Rabbit, a fabulous boutique best described as a lifestyle brand opened a store in my wonderful hometown of Greenwich this past spring!

I hop, scamper, dash over to the boutique and explain to the very adorable and patient sales gal Katharine (spelled like Katharine Hepburn in case your wondering!) that I am hosting a party the next day and can’t bear to have my friends sit on my bird poop-covered moldy cushions (which look absolutely awful with my newly painted grey house). We go through several different scenarios of what to buy; their gorgeous fabrics sold in 5 yard bolts (something normal people would use to re-upholster their cushions because they are not last minute)? Too thick for what I am planning. One of their gorgeous duvet covers? Too big. A pretty tablecloth? Not big enough. Katharine, god bless her, finally suggests flat sheets; brilliant! Flat sheets come in all different sizes and are not sold in sets. I purchase one king and one queen flat sheet and went home to work my magic.


OK here goes.


DYI – New Cushion Covers for Moldy Outdoors Furniture


Step 1. Brush all the bird poop and dog hairs from moldy cushions.

Step 2. Put dog inside so he doesn’t jump on cushions while trying to cover them.

Step 3. For Sofa – line up sheet so that there is an even amount on the top, bottom and sides of cushions.

Step 4. Tuck top of sheet behind the back cushion, making sure that sheet is straight across.

Step 5. Go to the bottom of the back cushion and tuck sheet as far back as possible and smooth out along the front of back cushion – is this making sense? It is harder to try and explain how to do this than it is to actually do this.

Step 6. Smooth sheet out over the tops of seat cushion, and tuck sheet underneath cushion so it is smooth and tight.

Step 7. Do you know how to make a hospital corner on a bed? I hope so, because I definitely cannot explain that. OK, make hospital corners on the upper and lower sides of cushions.

Step 8. Smooth and tuck, smooth and tuck, smooth and tuck!

Step 9. Repeat for chairs using a queen flat sheet cut down the center.

Step 10. Be VERY proud of yourself!



photo_1-2        photo-11


Needless to say, I bragged about this to all my friends that evening and they were impressed! If you think about it, it is a great way to keep your patio looking fresh and updated. You can take sheets off to clean when needed and you can change them out very easily. As far as how many looks, the sky is the limit!


Please LMK if you use this idea! I would love to see your before and after photos. I am thinking HGTV may want to give me a show as I am feeling very Martha Stewartish right now 😉

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