A Trip to the Sea with Artist Lori DuBois

If a view of the ocean tops your list of attributes in your dream home, artist Lori DuBois can help make that dream come true, no matter where you live. Her works, rendered in acrylic, make beautiful use of natural hues in blues, greens and earth tones to not only depict semi-abstract ocean views, but to bring home the feeling that you get when gazing into the sea.  “Relaxation, calm, and serenity” are the words that she uses to describe her work and its easy to see why. One can get lost in the view, feeling at once stimulated by the beauty and simultaneously immersed in a relaxed state of mind not unlike the sensation one gets during shavasana at the end of a particularly good yoga class.

(Image of “Deep Blue Sea” courtesy of Lori DuBois)

Growing up in a creative environment surrounded by adults in her life who were artists helped inspire Lori to pursue fine art, though her path, like most in life, was circuitous.

After working for a number of years in marketing, she sensed her true calling and made a change in life to follow her passion. Lori describes this transition: “Marketing and graphic design is a creative outlet; however, it’s still with lots of boundaries. For me, putting paint to canvas is more of a personal expression and footprint. In commercial art, it’s more one sided. When I paint, it’s a joint venture. Meaning, my soothing abstracts and seascapes provide the viewer with the opportunity to create their own personal perspective and perception of what the painting represents. I can convey emotion and movement through paint strokes and color and even the name of the painting; but, ultimately, it’s up to the viewer to determine the message.”

(Painting by Lori DuBois)

Perhaps part of what makes her work stand out and feel so profound originates from one of her greatest influencers: her mother. “My mom was an amazing artist who painted murals on walls in the 1970’s. She painted beautiful gardens with trees, wildlife with birds and butterflies… absolutely life-like. She was truly talented and very creative. She rarely copied anything; she would invent the scene and you could actually watch it unfold before your eyes. Her passion included florals and landscapes. My mom was always working on something creative and made us a part of it, showing us how to cultivate ideas into something of beauty; that’s how she described art.”

(Image of “True Blue” courtesy of Lori DuBois)

For Lori, a journey through a difficult time was a motivating force to use art as a means of expression and healing.  When she found herself caring for her mother after a cancer diagnosis, something her mom said during a visit to the hospital stuck with Lori. “[My mother] would see industrial type prints under glass on the walls where she received treatment. I remember her saying once, “We sure could do better than that!” Her words stayed with me. Years later, I created a number of seascapes and abstract florals which adorned the walls at Sloan Kettering Breast Cancer treatment center. As I handed over the paintings, I had a sense I honored her wishes. You know, it’s funny, but, when I paint, even though our styles are very different, it’s a way of keeping her close.”

(Painting by Lori DuBois)

This notion of her work as a delivery method for calm and serenity in a hospital environment can also be applied to her work in the home. If your art collection is well established or you are just starting out, Lori offers this advice for choosing pieces you will want to keep forever. “Go for quality not quantity. Build your collection slowly and selectively. If you have identified a painting you love, take a look at other paintings by that artist to get acquainted with their style, i.e. their website. It will give you a greater appreciation of the piece you selected if you know more about the artist.”

“Next, consider selecting colors which speak to ”your” sense of style, personality and passion. However, please also be mindful to select colors which make sense for the room it will dwell in. Using the art as the back drop, you can pull the furnishings and accessories together.”

(Painting by Lori DuBois)

“Another consideration would be that industry styles and trends change… and believe it or not, as the years go by, your taste changes too. Art is an investment. Opt to change wall color or pillows… but keep the art.”

“As a suggestion, if you choose art with an expression of relaxation or feeling of nature or harmony, I can tell you that art with a sense of calm will not compete with furnishings and will remain timeless.”

Thanks, Lori!

New work from Lori DuBois will be available for purchase through The Local Vault and for more examples of Lori’s work including (but limited to) ocean views, visit her website at: www.loriduboisart.com

Three questions with Lori DuBois:

Q: Best gift to bring to a dinner party host?

A: Whatever you decide to bring, be it cookies or a bottle of wine, take the time to wrap it gorgeous… use silk flowers, a basket, ribbons etc. The details bring meaning that you appreciate them and they are special to you!  And, everyone likes to be appreciated J


Q: Favorite summer cocktail?  

A: Peach Bellini, of course!


Q: All time favorite movie?

A: “The Notebook” … the line when the wife, suffering from memory loss, looks at the beautiful sunset on the lake view from her window, and says it’s the most beautiful sight she’s ever seen.. and the husband adoringly looks at her, not the lake, and says… it sure is!” For me, that’s the definition of art; finding meaning behind the beauty.


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