Tips for Downsizing Your Space

While needing more space is one of the most common reasons people move (especially if said people have kids), there are plenty of reasons to downsize your home, too; perhaps your cozy family home suddenly feels cavernous now that the kids are off to college, or you’re drawn to life in the city. Or maybe you’re retiring soon and simply want to do more traveling and less yardwork.

Of course, although a smaller home is definitely less work than a larger one, moving from a larger home to a smaller one is often more work than the reverse. Because in addition to the regular preparing and packing and paperwork that comes with any old move, when you’re downsizing, you’re purging, too. You have to figure out what, and how much, stuff you want to get rid of. If your currently faced with that daunting (but freeing, so freeing!) task, here are a few tips for downsizing done right.

  1. Evaluate. Take a look at the furniture and decor you already own and ask yourself a few questions: Do you love it, do you use it, does it go with the style of your new home, and will the scale and size work in your new space. If you answer no to any of these questions, it’s time to get rid of the piece in question.
  2. Divide. Once you have a list of everything you’ll be getting rid of, divide it into three piles. The first is a trash pile, which should be things that are worn out, in poor condition, or just downright ugly.  The second should be a donation pile, which should be comprised of anything that’s in good condition, but perhaps not usable for your family anymore: sporting equipment, old kids’ clothes, inexpensive furniture items that won’t fit in your new home. The final pile should be anything you want to sell; think antiques, art, heirloom furniture, or expensive items you might make good money on.
  3. Sell. When it comes to selling your furniture, don’t take to Craigslist, especially if you’re selling pieces that are expensive or antique. Instead, find a reputable consignment shop (like TLV!) or auction house that will understand the value of your items and how to properly price them, and will also be able to market your furniture to the right audience.
  4. Enjoy. Take that extra cash from your old stuff and use it to take a vacation someplace warm. You deserve it.

Have a few pieces (or a whole home’s worth) you’re looking to sell? Contact TLV and one of our buyers will come to you!

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