Tips for Buying High-End Consignment Furniture Online

Finding high-end consignment furniture used to mean scouring antiques markets or waiting for a gem to appear at a local resale shop, but not anymore. Like so many things, the internet has made it easier than ever to find and purchase the perfect consignment piece for your space at a fraction of the cost that the same item would have commanded new.

Of course, there are also challenges associated with purchasing furniture online — the largest being that you typically don’t get to see, touch, or sit on what you’re buying until it arrives in your home. So how do you ensure you’re buying quality hihg-end consignment furniture online? Here are a few tips we’ve put together after owning The Local Vault for the last year.

1. Look for multiple images. Images are one of the best indicators of the quality and condition of a piece of furniture. Any good, trustworthy seller should be able to offer photos of their furniture from a variety of angles, as well as both pulled back shots and detail ones. If the site mentions a piece has “wear and tear” or any sort of damage, make sure you see an up-close photo of these areas before purchasing, too.

2. Ask questions. Again, a responsible vendor or website will be willing to answer your questions about a piece, especially when it comes to the construction, fabrication, color, manufacturer or any other design details that aren’t exactly clear through photos and descriptions. Don’t be afraid to contact a seller before making a purchase!

3. Check (and re-check) measurements. Like any furniture purchase, when buying consignment furniture it’s important to make sure the piece will work in the space you had in mind. Measuring your space, and then checking the measurements of the piece you’re planning to buy will save you the headache (and expense!) of returning a large, cumbersome item to an online vendor.

4. Ask to see it in person. If you’re really on the fence about an item, ask the seller to see it in person. This won’t always be possible if you’re making a purchase through a national vendor or a seller that lives far away, but if you do have the option to see it, it never hurts. Because most of our customers at TLV are local to the Greenwich area, we’re often able to accommodate requests to see pieces before the purchase is final.

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