The Perfect Decor for Above The Fireplace

If a room has a fireplace, there’s a good chance that it will instantly become the focal point of the space, and the natural spot around which furniture and decor are arranged. Which means that whatever you choose to hang above the fireplace is also going to become one of the major design elements in the room, and can make deciding exactly what should go there a daunting task (no pressure!).

If you find yourself currently starting at the vast open space above your own fireplace, here’s our suggestion: There’s no look that’s more classic or dynamic for above the fireplace than a large antique gold mirror. It’ll instantly add a sense of height, grandeur, and openness to a room that no art (or television, for that matter) can contribute, and the look is stunning whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between.

Below, a few of our favorite examples of the look, plus the perfect mirror to recreate the style at home.

Gorgeous times two: The mirror not only pops against a bright white wall, it reflects the lovely antique chandelier in the space, too.

Gold mirror above fireplace - decorpad

We also love a gleaming mirror against a dark wall color, like this saturated shade of blue.

Image via Better Decorating Bible

Or when its holding its own in the middle of a modern art gallery wall. How breathtaking is this space, by the way?

Imperfect polish

And finally, proof that an antique mirror can make a home in any style space, even this bright, modern library.

gold mirror above fireplace - modern space
Image via Pinterest

Love the look? This antique gold mirror–purchased at a French antiques store–is currently available through The Local Vault. At 75″ high, it truly is all the statement one room needs.

antique gold mirror - the local vault


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