The Local Vault and The Greenwich Historical Society’s Power Breakfast with Summer Thornton

Here at The Local Vault, we share the Greenwich Historical Society’s love and respect for history and are in awe of the wonderful work that the GHS does with regard to historical preservation and education in our area. In its over 90 years, The Greenwich Historical Society has worked tirelessly to protect and restore historical sites and establish local historic districts all while nourishing a connection to the community and to our shared history. The Historical Society is known for hosting some absolutely wonderful events that raise funds for important projects and are a joy to attend. From art shows to garden markets and seasonal activities for the whole family, the GHS is a beloved and active member of the community.

That is why we are pleased to announce that we will be working with the Greenwich Historical Society by sponsoring a series of upcoming events that are near and dear to our (design loving) hearts. First up is an event celebrating interior designer and featured Local Vault Stylemaker Summer Thornton’s hugely successful book, “Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating” published by Rizzoli earlier this year.

The event, which takes place on October 19th (9:30 – 11:00AM) at the Historical Society Garden Market, is the ultimate power breakfast and will include an opportunity to have a copy of “Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating” signed and to participate in a Q&A with the talented designer.

Photo by Melanie Acevedo from “Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating” by Summer Thornton

Designer Summer Thornton, who is known for “decorating with the wildest abandon to create fearlessly bold and colorful interiors” has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Traditional Home, and Modern Luxury Interiors. The designer can be found on Sotheby’s list of the top 20 Designers to Watch, was named Chicago’s Best Transitional Designer by Modern Luxury, and a “Rising Star” by the Fashion Group International.

Photo by Annie Schlechter from “Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating” by Summer Thornton

In her bestselling first book, “Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating” which is currently on its fourth printing and is being sold worldwide, the designer’s many delightful and yet sage pieces of design advice such as “Do at least one thing your mother wouldn’t,” “Colors don’t clash” and “No great room was designed without taking a risk” have clearly been put to practical use in the gorgeous and one-of-a-kind designs prominently featured in its pages.

Photo by Thomas Loof from “Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating” by Summer Thornton

Join The Local Vault, The Greenwich Historical Society and designer Summer Thornton to celebrate this inspiring collection of work. For more information or to buy tickets, click here.


Images Courtesy of Summer Thornton / Profile Photo of the Designer by Melanie Acevedo / Text by Liana Hayles Newton

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