The Hunt – Brimfield Antiques Show

A glimpse into my closet and you’d probably arrive at the same conclusion as my husband: the woman collects shoes and handbags! Well, yes I do, but in my defense, don’t most women?

The truth is most of us collect, whether we realize it or not. For some it’s shoes, others fine art, like notable collector Peter Brandt who has amassed an extensive art collection, or Ralph Lauren and his bevy of exotic cars. Still, there are those with considerably less expensive taste who love to collect, too! My son, for instance, passionately collected Thomas the Train cars as a little boy. Because you see, collecting has nothing to do with age, gender or even money but everything to do with passion.

As co-founder of The Local Vault, it probably comes as no surprise that my real passion for collecting is hunting for great vintage and antique home décor. The exhilaration that comes from the hunt is not just about finding that one great thing; it’s about getting it for a bargain, too. That, my friends, is what makes trekking for treasures so much fun!

One of my favorite hunting grounds for finding antique and vintage treasures is the Brimfield Antique Show, America’s largest outdoor antique show, held three times a year – May/July/Sept.

Who better to hunt with than my lovely partners (in-crime), Betsy, Julie and Joannie? Together we piled into Betsy’s suburban and headed straight to Brimfield for a treasure hunt, armed with a full tank of gas, an empty car trunk, cash, comfortable shoes and a wish list of treasures I hoped to find.

Much like grocery shopping, it’s easy to forget what you’re looking for so it’s helpful to bring a list of things you may want or need. Perhaps it’s a sideboard table for your dining room or decorative art for your son’s room? Whatever it is, make sure to take measurements beforehand so you don’t have to guess if the item is going to fit in your home.

But then of course not every treasure you find will be on your wish list. If you’re lucky enough you just might stumble on that love-at-first-sight- item you never knew you wanted and now can’t seem to live with out. Those must-have pieces are the unexpected surprises that can leave you giddy with excitement.

I must admit I got a little giddy when I scored these vintage black wrought-iron chairs for a steal.  With a little TLV elbow grease, I’d soon be sitting pretty in my patio.

TLV Tip: We stayed overnight so we could get an early start on the first day of the show. Early bird catches the worm! Let the hunting begin!

xoxo, Patricia


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