Talking Design with Linda Hoffman

For Linda Hoffman, designing a client’s home is not just about making it look picture perfect (though even a quick peek at her portfolio reveals that any of her projects would be at home on the  glossy page of a magazine), but rather about tailoring a style unique for each home. To create a one of a kind home for each of her clients, Linda puts into practice her philosophy that “every room should have something unexpected.”

This notion of the joy of surprise can be seen in her selections as she shares her favorite items from our current collection. We also had the chance to chat with her about her favorite aspect of her work and the current design trend she had the foresight to apply to her bedroom as a teenager!


greenwich-lrPhoto Credit: Linda Hoffman Interiors

TLV: Were you always interested in design?

LH: Always! It All started when I was 16 and took a paint roller to the yellow walls in my bedroom. the yellow/orange/white decor of my childhood was replaced by silver toned walls, plush charcoal grey wall to wall carpet and bright white lacquer furniture. Guess I was a bit ahead of the Grey trend!


TLV: How would you describe your work?

LH: My interiors are tailored, elegant and fresh. Classic design with a slight edge or element of the unexpected. I strive to create spaces that are aesthetically beautiful but also somewhat effortless in their visual appeal.

lh-pull-quote-01TLV: What do you like most about being an interior designer?

LH: There are so many aspects to my job that I love. The actual process of designing a space is so exciting for me and every project is different so it never gets boring. I have also worked with some incredibly talented architects, builders, and other professionals that inspire me. But most importantly is probably seeing how happy my clients are when everything comes together.

greenwich-mbrPhoto Credit: Linda Hoffman Interiors

TLV: Do you have any design rules you follow?

LH: Proportion and scale are imperative. You can pick out beautiful fabrics and pieces of furniture but the most important thing is how they all relate to each other in a given space.


TLV: What item or element of design in your home makes you most happy?

LH: My home is all about texture and layers. there is almost no color but it feels very rich and inviting. And of course, being my own home, I don’t spend any time “decorating”…..the old cobbler’s kids scenario! It’s more a collection of things I love and somehow it all works!


TLV: Do you think it’s important to have “chemistry” with your clients? 

LH: Absolutely! In fact, it’s probably one of the most important aspects of a project and one of the things I enjoy the most. A typical project is usually 18-24 months if it’s an entire home so it’s like entering into a relationship. Trust is crucial as is listening and understanding each client’s needs and how they want their home to function.

greenwich-frPhoto Credit: Linda Hoffman Interiors

TLV: What is the best piece of advice that has impacted your life as a designer?

LH: It’s not actual advice but one of the most important lessons I’ve learned through my own experience is that there is no place for ego on a project. What my clients want is what is most important and my job is to provide them with the appropriate options to fit within their aesthetic and budgetary needs.


Thanks, Linda!

To see more of Linda’s work visit Linda Hoffman Interiors


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