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Following Your Heart, A Conversation with Artist Diane Denise

  Much of what makes for great interior design is going with your gut. Being in touch with your inner voice and honing in on your natural inclinations can be an indispensable tool when putting together your ideal home, choosing the art yo ...


Living With Art, In Conversation with Craig Tevolitz

Art is often the soul of a home, and in the right context, it can come alive and live up to its greatest potential. Creating this opportunity requires careful consideration of a home’s design to maximize art’s impact. As a long time lover of ar ...


A Trip to the Sea with Artist Lori DuBois

If a view of the ocean tops your list of attributes in your dream home, artist Lori DuBois can help make that dream come true, no matter where you live. Her works, rendered in acrylic, make beautiful use of natural hues in blues, greens and earth to ...


Inspired by Summer Travel Destinations: Hong Kong

It’s hard to believe is already August but there is still time to make the most of the Summer season, taking the extra time to explore and be inspired. We are taking our inspiration this season from some of our top travel destinations. Our first ...


Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Beautiful

So, you know when you meet someone and think, "Oh geez it's going to be really hard to like her."  Well this is how I could have felt upon meeting our newest featured artist Danielle Coleman.  She is drop dead gorgeous, talented and young, did I me ...


Contemporary Abstract Artist Julia Contacessi: A Woman After My Own Heart

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms, but for me beauty is what inspires me most. It can elevate our spirit by taking the ho-hum and transforming it into the sublime. Picture something as simple as fresh cut flowers in a beautiful ceramic vase. ...

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