“Sustainable, Upcycle, Perfect”: TLV Collaborates with A Perfect Provenance

In honor of an upcoming collaboration between The Perfect Provenance and The Local Vault, we met up with Lisa Lori, owner of The Perfect Provenance, toured the shop, and discussed why upcycling will be a major trend in 2019.

Lisa Lori, Owner of A Perfect ProvenanceOriginally from California, Lori’s shop is a stylish blend of a West coast laid back feel, East Coast polish and French chic. After spending over 20 years in PR, in 2016 Lisa Lori brought her unique sensibility in the areas of home, fashion and food to open her Greenwich, CT boutique. “I had always wanted to open a retail store after having worked for retailers or represented them for so many years.  I love being part of the community and sharing fashion, merchandise and food from around the world.” With perhaps more in common with a gallery, the store is reorganized every 10-12 weeks with a change theme to its “exhibitions.” Even the restaurant (located on the first floor of the shop) changes menus to in relation to the chosen theme.


In the months of February and March, the theme: “Sustainable, Upcycle, Perfect” will be a collaboration with The Local Vault and will include pieces for sale on The Local Vault site specially curated by Lori.


The theme is a, well, perfect fit. “Reusing an item is good for the planet and design wise can be very dynamic.” Lisa explains, “I have been going to flea markets, antiquing and hunting for treasures for the last 25 years and I love thinking about the stories behind all my finds. Good design tells a story and the provenance of items gives a home warmth and vitality.”


This idea is particularly relevant today. “We have been over consuming at a record pace over the last 30 years and it’s time to get a handle on it.” Lisa explains “Having sustainable fashion and antiques has been part of our concept since the very beginning.  We curate and find pieces from around the world and I love passing them on to our clients.  Provenance is after all the core of who we are.  I have worked with the Local Vault personally in the past for my home and when I closed my PR business, so collaborating with them was perfect for us.  So many people don’t know how to combine antiques with modern looks or how to refresh their home — The Local Vault has amazing items and guidance for design.”


And while shopping for vintage or pre owned pieces are great ways to support sustainability and is kind to our planet, it doesn’t have to be a selfless pursuit. In fact, mixing pieces from a variety of sources and backgrounds can add a major dose of style to your home.


“I think all homes should include a mix of new pieces and antiques whether they are items you find at places like The Local Vault or through family pieces passed down.” explains Lisa, “I think one of the most interesting ways to include pieces is by putting together collections — an art wall of maps, a collection of antique china or mini paintings.  There are so many possibilities.  I love finding special side tables, antique refrigerators used for storage, a special iron piece hung as art or a collection of old signs used for a children’s room.  Of course you can try to find things with hidden value but you probably need a degree in art history for that, the real value is finding something you love and placing it in your home.”




3 Quick Questions:


Q: Where was your most recent vintage find and what was it?

A: I recently went to the oldest flea market in Paris and was in heaven.  I bought a set of 6 skeleton keys that I am going to hang on a wall as a set — voila you have an art installation.



Q: Ideal travel destination?

A: So many but I adore St. Barts and Paris, home away from home.


Q: Best Hostess gift?

A: I love giving a special set of serving pieces (spoon and fork) and a great cookbook, I love cookbooks –using the internet to cook is great because you can find anything but cookbooks keep your favorite recipes close at hand to repeat again and again.

If you are looking to learn more about upcycling, The Local Vault recommends the following:

Text and Profile Photo: Liana Hayles Newton

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