Sustainability is the Future of Furniture

 Interior Design Meg Braff / Photo Credit J. Savage Gibson

At The Local Vault, we love objects of beauty. We love art and furniture that bring joy into a home, we love the hunt for that special item that ties a room together, and more than anything, we love our planet. Luckily, creating a beautiful, thoughtful, well-decorated home does not have to be in contrast to a love of and dedication to the environment.


As enviable home décor becomes a goal of an ever-growing population, the problem of waste in the form of disposable furnishings, designed for the short term, increases. While social media fuels the desire in many to create stylized Instagram worthy homes, corporations and fast fashion brands are quick to produce trendy pieces. Many of these items are made with materials that do not stand the test of time, often containing toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and are typically quick to find their way into a landfill. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 80% of furniture ends up in a landfill. While it is true that not all furniture manufacturing is created equal and there are some wonderful companies who strive to make as little an impact as possible on the environment, it remains true that the most effective way to shop consciously is to shop vintage.

Interior Design Libby Cameron / Photo James Merrell


As advocates of true sustainability, we are proud to be a part of the solution, offering vintage, antique and quality pre-owned pieces that are made to last. Shopping vintage allows design lovers to possess more thoughtfully designed and well-built items (at an attractive price point no less). This process not only prevents beautifully made items from becoming landfill, but creates an alternative for buying newly made pieces. The Local Vault is committed to a way of living (and shopping) that produces less waste both through giving vintage pieces new life as well as through our endorsement of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a council which aims to raise awareness and adoption of environmentally sustainable practices across the home furnishings industry.


Despite the rise of fast fashion style furniture manufacturers, younger generations are starting to see the benefits of vintage and antique shopping. Not only can they find quality pieces that are truly unique, but they are able to acquire their purchases right away without worrying about supply chain or sustainability issues. For those who find the prospect of finding the perfect item in a world of vintage overwhelming, or for those who simply do not have the time to sift through the myriad of options in varying degrees of authenticity, condition, quality and style, The Local Vault has the perfect solution.

Our talented, design obsessed, team of curators personally vet each and every item before it arrives on the site so shoppers can browse a beautifully edited selection of only the best of what is available. Our guest curators and style makers, are stars of the design world such as Alexa Hampton, Cece Barfield, and Cindy Rinfret, who give shoppers an exclusive look at their personal selections and wish lists, making the experience akin to a guided shopping trip with a style expert.


Each Spring as we celebrate Earth Day, we strive to broaden our positive impact on the environment and encourage others to consider the planet when purchasing items for the home.



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