How to Style a Gorgeous Dining Room You’ll Actually Use

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, so you would think that the soul of the home is the dining room – the place where meals are shared along with lively accounts of the day’s activities. Unfortunately, it often feels like meals are being taken as quickly as possible, around the kitchen island, to-go, or worst of all, in front of a screen.

Dining rooms were made for lingering and we are all about creating a room that invites conversation and connection. In order to achieve this mood, a dining room must be pleasing to the eye, functional and feel inviting. Here are some tips to get started on reclaiming your dining room and getting the most out of the room.

Tip #1: Keep what you need handy

Image Via: Vogue Australia

Once you get the meal on the table, who wants to be running back and forth to the kitchen? A side board can be both functional and stylish. Keep your napkins, plates, and silverware close at hand in a marble topped French antique or a Swedish teak piece.

Antique Half Moon Mahogany Sideboard with Satin Band Inlay, $1,440.00

Swedish Teak Sideboard by Nils Jonsson for Hugo Troeds, $1,995.00


Tip #2: Go eclectic

Image Via: Elle Decor

Not everything needs to match. Layer on the style when you mix and match pieces of different styles and be open – think beyond the traditional dining chairs. A less than traditional table or a bench in place of chairs can keep things interesting. Staying in the same color family can help tie different styles together.

Pink Suede Tufted Bench, $500.00

Williams Sonoma Home Mercer Dining Armchair, Pair, $850.00

Tip #3: Keep it casual

Image Via: Vogue Australia

Unexpected lighting can be add interest and create a cozy atmosphere. Adding a floor lamp gives off that soft lighting more often associated with the living room. Accessories also help to create a more lived in feeling that is so conducive to relaxed conversation.  And don’t forget candles – nothing sets the mood better.

Urban Electric Co Middleton Iron Floor Lamp, $880.00


Williams Sonoma Homa Van Horne Sketch “Anna”, $275.00


Candle Sticks from Two’s Company, $200.00

Tip #4: Make a statement

Image Via: Elle Decor

A statement ceiling lamp draws the eye and draws interest in the room as does a dramatic piece of artwork. Placing your table near a fireplace if possible, can create a very inviting mood.

Arteriors Home Layla Pendant, $2500.00


“Viewer” by Pat Lambrecht-Hould, $4,800.00


 19th Century Wrought Iron Garden Urn from Drysdale Design$1,200.00

Bon Appetit!

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