Style by the Sea: How to Get the Coastal Decor Look

One thing we love about our location in Greenwich is the proximity to the water. The Connecticut coastline is downright picturesque…and it also happens to be among our favorite places to draw inspiration for home decor. We’re not alone, of course. The coastal decor look is one of the most enduring design styles out there.

The color scheme. Naturally, a coastal color scheme draws inspiration from the beach — sandy neutrals, cloudy whites and grays, and every shade of blue you can think of. But the saturation of your color scheme will affect the tone of the room. Deep shades of navy and gray skew more nautical, masculine, and preppy–they pair well with accent tones like red or yellow, and dark wood finished. A pale color scheme–think sky blue, light aqua, and cream–has a more coastal, beachy feel that works well with weathered woods, and natural fibers like seagrass and bamboo.

rinfret ltv consignment

pale blue lee industries chairs - coastal decor look

The silhouettes. A coastal decor scheme is timeless and classic meaning that, to achieve the quintessential beach house look, furniture and forms should be largely traditional: clawfoot pedestal tables and high-backed settees. Modern twists can be added throughout a room with contemporary prints and decor pieces.

pedestal table



The textures. The beach is a place associated with nature, warm weather, and relaxing days, and the textures you incorporate into your space should pull from these associations. Linen, for example, is a fabric that’s synonymous with summer days, and it also makes a beautiful upholstery fabric. Natural fibers like seagrass, cane, and bamboo also evoke the reeds and grasses that grow along the coastline.

bamboo cane chairs - beach house decor

Basket planters - coastal style

The accents. Naturally, accessories and decor should evoke a beachside feel, but that doesn’t mean you have make every print in your room a lighthouse, and every accent piece something made from rope. Instead, choose a combination of elements that literally could be straight from the beach (anchor motifs, framed coral, the gorgeous pair of antique oars, below), and items that offer a more subtle nod to the coastline (think the nautically striped sofa or the beadboard bookcase we currently have in stock, below).

oars mounted on lucite stands

Coastal sofa- the local vault

costal bookcase

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