We decided to hit the Greenwich Newcomers Info Fair to spread the love about TLV to all the new transplants visiting the fair. The Newcomers Club folks gave us a table, some nice signage and free coffee and muffins from Whole Foods! We supplied fliers, business cards, our persuasive pitch and an endless supply of green M&Ms. As if all that wasn’t enough to make our day, we met some great people, not the least of whom was our table neighbor Erin Marich who was at the fair hawking her fabulous outdoor boot camp for moms called StrongMom. She lures you down to Bruce Park for a one-hour class where you can sweat off that jar of Nutella you ate last night with a fork (you know who you are). This is not a stroller-cise class where you use the stroller in the workout. In fact, Erin has devised a genius arrangement where she employs a sitter to entertain the children while she works her magic with you. (Erin, where were you when I had babies? Oh right you were 6). She incorporates medicine balls, weights, ropes and other goodies to whip you into shape.


So impressed are we with Erin and her clever venture we want to spread the word to all you whippersnappers who are in the baby/toddler world. She’s energetic, fun, adorable and has a great butt (and we still like you Erin). We thought about taking photos of her butt and blogging about it but we decided that was creepy and maybe against the law so you’ll just have to be satisfied with some photos of her in action at the park. And if her general awesomeness isn’t enough to get you down to Bruce Park for a one-hour workout, she has a Pinterest board called the MILF Project for workout inspiration and, well, we think that’s just plain excellent.


Go immediately to her website and sign up for classes as her classes end when the good weather does – www.strong-mom.com

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