ReBranding At Its Finest

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Drum roll please…introducing the Barmoire!


PSA – From living rooms all over America…what to do with what for most of us was our first serious furniture purchase, the TV/Media Cabinet? Be it from Ikea, PB, RH or Milling Road these pieces were the must have piece in our first apartments and homes, right?


Alas, with the invention of wireless and the collective acceptance of TV watching, most of us now spend nights gathered around a TV and not playing cards (unless there is a blackout or someone is being punished). These sleek & sexy sets have taken pride of place above fireplaces or, in some cases, entire walls and rooms.  Leaving our big, lovely armoires bare and wanting.


Do not fret beloved consoles, the answer is here, dan dan dah dah…THE BARMOIRE*…catchy ain’t it?


So, if you never did plunk down your first real paycheck on one of these babies, fear not because we have a couple of them at exceptional prices.  Now that we have the goods for you, fire up your imaginations and send us before and afters.  Cheers!


*While I would honestly love nothing more than to take total credit for the name (I did come up with the semi-original idea on my own) I have to tip my hat to a smart talkin’ Texan, Kate from Farmhouse 38, who saved her beloved armoire through re-invention!

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