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The Rug Company “Carmelina” Rug by Suzanne Sharp


Location : TLV Storage - Bridgeport CT


126.5″w x 117″d x .25″h

SKU: 7392036

The Rug Company “Carmelina” Rug by Suzanne Sharp with a Brown Background and Purple Floral Design

The Rug Company

Founded in 1997, The Rug Company has committed to creating the most desirable rugs globally. They achieve this by combining the ancient craft of rug making with the creative brilliance of some of today's most talented designers. TRC rugs are beautiful, distinctive- every handmade piece is entirely individual. Their weavers continue to craft the rugs entirely by hand, using their ancestors' very same techniques. Their raw materials are naturally luxurious and are handled with such reverence that they lose none of their extraordinary properties during the production process.


Very good

State : CT
City : TLV Storage - Bridgeport