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“Splash” Acrylic on Canvas by Camilla Webster

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Location : Palm Beach FL

24″w x 2″d x 61″h

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“Splash” Acrylic on Canvas by Camilla Webster, 2020
Artist notes:
Having grown up on the ocean, sport fishing and sailing her whole life, from New York’s Long Island, to the English coast of Suffolk and Norfolk, to the Florida Keys, the spirit of the sea is a centerpiece of Camilla Webster’s work.
Webster wanted to take on the challenge of approaching fishing in a fresh way that truly embodies the power of the great creatures of the deep, and the climax we experience watching them.
“Splash” captures the moment a swordfish breeches to the surface. The repetitive strokes rising upward suggest the battle with the fisherman to tame the beast into a dance until the end. Webster wants the viewer to see a flash of memory and uses the sweeping strokes of her fingers in paint to capture this athletic experience.
The Florida seascapes offer subtle beauty in changing shades of blue and white. The untamed Keys inhabitants find sport in chasing and slipping past each other, almost taunting the other with water “Splash”.
Various shades of blue and white offering a reminder of calm yet action filled days in the Florida Keys.



State : FL
City : Palm Beach

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