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Penny Morrison Mughal 18″ Lampshades, Pair


Professional Delivery Required
Location : Palm Beach FL


18″w x 18″d x 12″h

SKU: 12624001

A gorgeous pair of silk pleated 18″ lampshades in Mugal fabric by textile designer Penny Morrison, handmade in England.

Penny Morrison

Founder and world-renowned interior designer Penny Morrison is known and loved for her unique ability to create beautiful, harmonious spaces through surprising design combinations. Pairing unexpected pieces, patterns and palettes, her designs are a visual feast brimming with colour and exuding spontaneity and sophistication in equal measure. While working as an interior designer for a diverse portfolio of private and commercial clients, Penny recognised gaps in the wider industry that hindered her projects. Refusing to compromise on her creative vision, Penny took matters into her own hands, expanding her business to branch out into fabric and wallpaper design in 2010 and – five years later – a collection of home accessories to embody the inimitable style that the Penny Morrison brand has become so synonymous with.



Showroom samples, brand new

State : FL
City : Palm Beach

Professional delivery required

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