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Nate Ricketts Design Quartz Point Crystal Pedestals


Designed by Nate Ricketts, these quartz point crystals are each one-of-a-kind and displayed on 2.25″ square acrylic pedestals. The largest measures just over 1 foot tall—perfectly proportioned for a desk, coffee table, or vanity.

Location : TLV Storage - Bridgeport CT


SKU: 1198038

Tall: 2.25″w x 2.25″d x 12.5″h
Short: 2.25″ w x 2.25″d x 8″h
Sold as a Pair

Nate Ricketts Design

The treasures of the seas have long inspired us to wonder in awe at the natural beauty of our world. There really is no greater artist than Mother Nature herself. This is the force that drives the art of Nate Ricketts. Invite into your home a masterpiece of nautical wonders from the planet's deepest oceans, or a dazzling crystal cluster hidden for millennia miles beneath the Earth's surface. Each of these collectibles is superbly handcrafted with extraordinary quality and an elegance of design that is exclusively Nate Ricketts'.


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State : CT
City : TLV Storage - Bridgeport

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