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“Love From Palm Beach” by Camilla Webster


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Location : Palm Beach FL

48″w x 36″h

SKU: 7211007

“Love from Palm Beach” Acrylic on Canvas by Camilla Webster, 2020 (add full title once sku is removed)
Artist notes:
“Love from Palm Beach” is the perfect postcard of idyllic memory in abstraction from New York native and current Palm Beach resident Camilla Webster (1973). The painting is filled with brilliant colors and it’s all about the magic of looking out the window on a late spring day, seeing the palm trees big, live and blowing in the breeze. Beyond the trees you see the ocean again, brilliant in living color. The blue ocean color is unique to south Florida, thanks to the Gulf Stream waters running warmer and blue. The trees, the landscapes and the inhabitants of Palm Beach are always in a color wave of brilliant and bright.

The large canvas is a stunning addition to an entrance hall or a dining room. Its brilliant colors can lighten the space like sunshine and at night it shines elegant and speaks luxury for a home.

Here Webster paints the grand vibrant palm tree in fuchsia and iridescent gold with mixed ultramarine blues. These are the colors of Palm Beach, on a warm/cool winter day.

Colors: Fuchsia, Aqua, Steel & Grey’ish Blue



State : FL
City : Palm Beach

Professional delivery required

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