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“Keys Kintsugi” Acrylic on Canvas by Camilla Webster

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Location : Palm Beach FL

37″w x 2.25″d x 24″h

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“Keys Kintsugi” is an arcrylic on canvas, 2018
Signed back of canvas, framed on a 2.5” thick gold gallery frame with the art canvas floating in the box
Artist notes:
In “Keys Kintsugi” Camilla Webster uses narrative abstraction creating a land & sea horizon scape. The canvas of mixed marine blues, pale wisteria and plush pink weaves the iridescent gold into the natural cracks of this abstracted landscape. She finds a way to express her emotional healing experience to the abstracted memory of the Florida Keys. The landscape cracks and breaks in hurricanes, floods and scorched fires. Yet as the sun shines and sets on the water/land horizons she sees the gold streaks filling the cracks, and a natural healing of the vistas with the Keys become a stronger place to stay for a newer chapter.

Kintsugi is a centuries old Japanese Art form of mending broken porcelain with gold gilt lacquer, making the repaired ancient porcelain more beautiful & valued. This technique inspired Webster to set out and apply the teachings into her works. The physical application of the valuable gold mineral suggests there is value in in the mending and rebirth of broken things.

Camilla Webster (1973), a New York Native, a dual English & American Citizen, an avid traveler, an adventurer has allowed to capture abundant inspirations for every painting to tell a story. Her art exhibits, her museum shows, her pop up shops explore and explain the inspirations and invite the visitor to allow people to experience her art where it touches them to repair and heal.



State : FL
City : Palm Beach

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