Highly Curated, Gently Used, Vintage and Antique Beds and Headboards

Looking to spice up the bedroom? Feeling unsatisfied and underwhelmed? The Local Vault’s got you covered when you’re ready to upgrade such a personal space. Browse through our amazing assortment of gently used unique beds, intricate headboards, and stunning frames that will be sure to bring the excitement back to your precious space. 


Not sure where to start when beginning your search? The first step is finding the correct sized frame or headboard that matches your bed, to ensure your designs look perfect. To help with your search, we’ve outlined standard sizing below, although there may be variation in length. 


Twin: Usually 39’’ x 75’’ – perfect for smaller humans, bunk beds, and using as a daybed. 


Three Quarter: Measuring 48” x 75” – need a little extra room but can’t fit a double in your space? Then this in-betweener could be perfect for you. 


Double: Normally 54” x 75” – also known as a full bed, a cozy option. 


Queen: Dimensions are 60” x 80” – likely the most popular bed, for a comfortable reason. 


King: Measuring 76” x 80 – for those who want a bit more space. 


California King: Found to be 72” x 84” – a luxurious and roomy size that will make you feel like royalty. 


With size now established, you can shift all attention towards picking a style. Do you want your bed to seamlessly fit into the space or would you rather it make a bit of a bolder statement? We’re here to hopefully bring a bit of clarity to the difficult decision-making process. Browse from styles that range from traditional to modern, mid-century to rustic, cottage to industrial, and everything else in-between. How about a bed designed by David Iatesta or a French design from Ligne Roset?


Maybe you want to focus more on headboard shape? We’ve outlined some popular options that can help narrow your search for the perfect bedroom accessory.  


Panel: A simplistic and classic silhouette that varies in style and material. 


Wingback: This headboard feels more enclosed with each side protruding to nicely frame the bed.  


Slat: Equally separated vertical or horizontal slats connected to a basic outer frame. 


Open-Frame: An intricate and / or delicate design within a simple outer frame.  


Sleigh: This warm and traditional design usually takes up more space than other headboard styles. 


Storage: Perfect for extra storage space while still looking refined. Great to showcase photos, books, or plants!


You’ll be sure to sleep deeper with any of our wonderful designs to choose from!