Highly Curated, Gently Used, Vintage and Antique Outdoor Lighting

Don’t stop with the interior of your home – be sure to accessorize your outdoor space with stunning vintage and gently used outdoor lighting! Browse our curated selection of lamps and lanterns that are the perfect addition to your backyard patio or front porch. 


Antique lanterns are a fun and practical way to illuminate your outdoor area. Pick between materials like copper, brass, and metal for an eye-catching effect. Play around with the placement of your outdoor lanterns, maybe rest them in the middle of a dining table or besides a bench. The possibilities are endless!


Don’t be afraid to mix and match your outdoor lighting – have fun with it! Pendant lamps offer great ambience for entertaining beyond the interior of your home. Welcoming and warm, antique pendant lamps are a great way to add illumination in style. From industrial to modern, there are a variety of pendant lamps to choose from that will pair great with other light fixtures. Again, we urge you to not take your outdoor lighting too seriously. 


The goal is to ensure your outdoor space feels welcoming, safe, and exciting. We’re sure with our curated selection, we can help you do just that.