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Choose from luxury, pre-owned, vintage, and antique table lamps. 

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Table lamps are staple pieces in any home. They create lush, soft light that feels inviting and warm – which is why they’re so essential in a variety of rooms. An antique or vintage table lamp will not only serve as a light source but will also double as a unique statement piece. 


A pair of stunning antique table lamps can assist in bringing symmetry to your space in style. Pair them on top of bedside tables in the bedroom, framing a couch in the living room, or beside an art piece in the dining room. Maybe you’re looking for something more unexpected? Try pairing different lamp styles and / or sizes with one another for an intriguing look. Perhaps you’ve found a little vintage gem from our curated collection –  in that case, allow it to stand alone and be the star! Don’t be afraid to mix and match accessories beside the lamp or keep it minimal for a clean look. 


Table lamps are always a great dual-purpose accessory to any space and when it comes to finding the perfect one, you can choose from a plethora of styles and materials. Browse our selection including geometric shapes, traditional glass lamps, antique cast iron, porcelain vases and more.

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