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Overwhelmed at the idea of selecting a piece of art? Our selection of pieces are highly curated, allowing you to search our edit artwork from painting, photography, sculpture and more. Need more guidance? Read our piece on integrating art into the home on our blog here.

Our tips for selecting the right piece for you? We suggest considering each room of the house individually.

In the bedroom: Since this is a place of rest and relaxation, consider a piece that enhances this feeling. Choose a large painting over the bed at eye level in soothing colors or a photograph with an equally relaxing scene. In love with a smaller photograph? Go for two of the same size and place them next to each other.

In the home office: This is a space where we want to stay motivated and energized. Whether you go with a bold abstract piece or a thought provoking photograph or sculpture, adding artwork to your office will make the time you spend there even more meaningful.

In the living room: Because this is a space more likely to be shared with guests, don’t be afraid to really let your personality show. Choose a piece that will start conversation and inspire others.  A large piece can stand alone as a focal point in the room, or a series of smaller pieces can be placed together in a gallery wall.

In the bathroom and kitchen: These two rooms are often the most likely to be over looked. Adding art to these spaces can enhance the feeling of the space and add personality to otherwise commonplace rooms. Make your bathroom feel like a spa with a relaxing piece of art or make your kitchen feel more special with a piece that adds beauty whether a landscape or still life.


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