Boxes and Vessels

Choose from luxury, pre-owned, vintage, and antique boxes and vessels.

TLV Warehouse Bridgeport CT

We love an accessory that is both chic and functional. Boxes and vessels is a wide ranging category that offers a majorly stylish payoff while also being very handy.

Our highly curated selection includes gorgeous boxes that can be used to store small items on a desk, shelf or atop a coffee table or sideboard. We also adore a box with a highly specific function, glove boxes, humidors, and tea containers. No matter what the use, our selection of boxes includes pieces with detailed inlay, highly polished rose wood and other specialty materials such as porcelain and shagreen.

Larger boxes such as trunks or dowry chests are perfect for storing extra blankets or pillows in the family room or in a guest bedroom.

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