On the Search for the Perfect Fit: How to Bring Art into the Home, A Discussion with Amie Appleton Greenspan

While choosing the right art for your home can be an extremely personal decision, it can also be a daunting one. The way we style our home can alter the mood of a room and thus our own emotions. Amie Appleton Greenspan of Appleton Art Design thrives creatively by helping to guide her clients towards art that will speak to them and go on to be a treasured addition to the home.

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From a young age, Amie has been drawn towards understanding others and what drives them. “…I have been interested in how people live; their customs, their beliefs, and the art and artifacts that represent those values. In college, I majored in Art History and Anthropology, and then as an attorney, I was able to help people implement their business ideas. Forming Appleton Art Design was the next natural step for me.” Growing up with a creative mother gave her an early start honing her eye and her love of the arts. “I grew up … in a home filled with original art. My mother designed clothing and accessories and was always cutting fabrics and sewing samples. She manufactured her product in Jamaica, she sourced her textiles there, and we lived there for extended periods. This exposure heavily influenced my aesthetic.”

Photo Courtesy of Appleton Art Design

The whole process of discovering artists and pairing them with a client whose home will be just the right fit is one that brings her joy and one that comes naturally to her though that isn’t to say that it doesn’t require hard work and skill. “Unique artists are increasingly few and far between; finding what works for my gallery collection requires my constant attention to visual information while also pausing and listening to my instincts…I love introducing homeowners to artists that they would not otherwise discover and helping artists connect with an audience that will appreciate their work.”

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For those who are just beginning the search for meaningful works of art for their home, she offers this suggestion. “Start exploring so that you can discover what you like. When a particular piece of art interests you, ask whether the artwork is part of a series to help you understand the context in which it was made. This type of engagement helps ensure that the artwork will endure the test of time.” Even for those who are experienced in integrating art into their home can benefit from an outside perspective. “Many people are intimidated by purchasing art, especially concerned that the artwork will not fit with the design of their home, so, before they decide to purchase a piece, I encourage them to first live with it. I offer complementary art consulting services on site, reconfiguring the use of already owned pieces and determining which spaces would benefit from a new piece. This is always really helpful to my clients.”

Photo Courtesy of Appleton Art Design


Three Questions with Amie Appleton Greenspan

TLV: What do you do to unwind and / or for self care?

AAG: Anything outdoors. Running, walking and doing yoga.


TLV: Where are your favorite places to get away?

AAG: I love both the beach and the mountains. I am happy wherever I am, as long as there is some fresh air and cultural stimulation.


TLV: What are you currently reading?

AAG: “Innocent Eye” by Patricia Rosoff. The author was my studio art teacher in high school and an art critic in Hartford for many years. I spoke to her just after this book was published, and shortly thereafter, she tragically died in a car accident. It is a guide for understanding contemporary art, with numerous artists from Connecticut and Hartford area exhibits highlighted. I keep it by my bedside. It is a poignant reminder to appreciate other’s voices and to remember the importance of living with our eyes open.


Text by Liana Hayles Newton


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