Local Love: Point Pickup

Today we’re going to talk about something that seems very appropriate for a Friday, when you’re totally frazzled and completely ready for the weekend (we’re not the only ones, right?): A new service that’s designed specifically to make your everyday life easer. And with work, family, friends, errands, the occasional attempt at a fitness routine, and only one Friday a week, who doesn’t need that?

The service in question? A new Greenwich business called Point Pickup. Essentially, it’s like the Uber of delivery services: it’s convenient, instantaneous, and you can pay on your phone, except that Point Pickup won’t bring your people–it will bring you anything you want.

Or, as Point Pickup CEO Tom Fioria describes it, “Point Pickup is a same-day delivery app and website that utilizes Pickup Partners (regular people) in local communities to provide convenient same-day delivery to and from any point.” The service is currently available throughout Fairfield County, CT & lower Westchester County, NY, and you can download the app in either the Apple or Google Play app stores.”

Because we’re curious, when we got a chance to quickly catch up with Tom, we asked him for some examples of exactly what anything means. His answer made us want to bow down as we envisioned all the free time we’d get back. “Really we can bring you anything without a heartbeat,” he told us. “Tonight’s dinner, a vacuum to be repaired, an espresso machine from Arthur avenue, fresh fish, your forgotten cell phone or credit card, bank documents, real-estate closing documents, a forgotten suit for morning meeting in NYC, chocolate, flowers, gift baskets, borrowed mixer from one friend to another, hockey equipment, you name it. A woman from the Ukraine actually purchased a a baby gift for a client in Connecticut and had us deliver it.”

Awesome, no?

The other great thing about Point Pickup? They can bring many of your purchases from The Local Vault directly to your door. “We have delivered stools, mirrors, chairs, lamps, collectibles — the great thing is no real packing needed like you would need to ship. Right now we don’t do large furniture pieces, but in several months we will launch our custom delivery requests option – a person can request large box trucks, sprinter vans and so on to deliver larger items. But for now we are in the smaller furniture area.”

Consider us fans. Are you downloading that app yet?

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