Let There Be Light

You know when something seems too good to be true….there is usually a good reason for it.  Great house on the market….backs up to a pre-school playground, gorgeous guy smiling at you…gay, married or your teenaged sons mature looking friend, looking fabulous in cool pair of jeans…tilted mirror (yes, we know that trick shop keepers and it is cruel). This is how I used to feel when I would come upon a gorgeous-perfect-for-the-space-price-not-to-be-believed light fixture! Only to discover that it was not a light fixture at all BUT a candelabra…wan wannnnn.  While I sincerely do appreciate the gorgeous lighting candles throw in my close to 50 year old direction, my lifestyle is not organized enough, safe enough nor romantic enough to have flames a flickering in my home.  So what do I do when I am faced with this dilemma? I buy said items for a fantastic price (some such items happen to be on our site) and bring them to my favorite Hungarian-American couple The Papp’s at Riverside TV & Appliances, Inc. They can electrify just about anything you bring to them.   They can also touch up old paint or gilt on antiques, age metal so items looks older than it is (can you imagine?) and the best part about it, no one is the wiser!

They are a delightful couple who truly love what they do, and if you have a TV or a grill that needs fixing, well your in luck!

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