Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas: Elegance in Dallas Part Three

Welcome back to our coverage of 2022 Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Dallas, Texas. In our first two installments, we shared the work of sixteen of the twenty four acclaimed designers, each of whom took part in designing a portion of the show house in the Sunnybrook Estates neighborhood  of Old Preston Hollow’s. If you are just tuning into our coverage, the first and second installments can be found here and here.

Design by Harold Leidner Company | Photo by: Nathan Schroder

All designers featured in this series have generously donated their energy and expertise to help raise funds for The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club who have partnered with two local charities: Dwell with Dignity, “a nonprofit agency dedicated to creating soothing, inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty” and The Crystal Charity Ball, “another Dallas-based organization whose mission is to aid, support and make contributions to children’s charities in Dallas County.”

Here, in our final installment in the series, we will visit spaces designed by the remaining eight talented designers each with their own take on classic Dallas elegance.

Design by Lucinda Loya Interiors | Photo by: Nathan Schroder

The bedroom, created by award winning designer Lucinda Loya, is finds the ideal balance of being soothing and yet stimulating. Filled with eye catching details including a wall mural that stretches across the ceiling and an area rug that echos the soft lilac and inky blue black color story, this room is a feast for the eyes.

Design by M + M Interior Design | Photo by: Nathan Schroder

Sister team Leslie Martin and Kim Meardon of M+ M Interior Design are celebrated designers known for “creating homes rooted in traditional design yet feel current and approachable.” These qualities are evident in the reading room where timeless patterned slipper chairs beckon amid the many books on display.

Design by Natasha Baradaran | Photo by: Nathan Schroder

Making wonderful use of pieces from her own collection, including the bed and sofa, Natasha Baradaran gives the classic color combination of blue and white a modern appeal. Soft floral wallpaper printed on linen gives the space a romantic appeal.

Design by Noel Pittman | Photo by: Nathan Schroder

Highly skilled in her ability to create a seamless mix of antiques and new pieces in her work, Noel Pittman adds charm to every surface of the delightful laundry room.

Design by Patricia McLean Interiors, Inc. | Photo by: Nathan Schroder

In the upstairs bedroom deigned by Patricia McLean, references from around the globe are artfully blended together in a nod to the inspiration she found in the concept of a “traveler’s retreat.”

Design by PROJECT AZ | Photo by: Nathan Schroder

Ahmad AbouZanat of Project AZ, delivers his own spin to the idea of a “wellness” room, opting for rich textures and vivid, yet soothing, hues in place of muted minimalism typically seen in these spaces. His designs often blend French and Middle Eastern styles for a unique appeal.

Design by Schooler Kellogg | Photo by: Nathan Schroder

Ann Schooler delivers a highly romantic dressing room filled with feminine details including sculpture and artwork depicting the female form. Mixed prints on the walls and seating areas mix playfully with hand carved chinoiserie mirrors.

Design by Shelley Johnstone Design | Photo by: Nathan Schroder

Our last stop on the tour is in the space designed by none other than TLV Stylemaker Shelley Johnstone. This charming room is fresh and classically romantic with an elegant ornately carved desk sitting pretty amid chinoiserie details and a soft blush hued ceiling.

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Dallas. The work of the designers who generously donated their time and energy to this wonderful charity has been uplifting, inspirational and a joy to experience.

For more information on The 2022 Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Dallas click here.

Photos Courtesy of The Kips Bay Decorator Show House | Lead Image: Design by Byron Risdon – Photo by: Nathan Schroder | Text by Liana Hayles Newton


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