Inspiration Takes Flight: A Chat with Artist Nadine Kalachnikoff

While most would agree that butterflies are beautiful creatures, for others, their appeal goes beyond the purely aesthetic. Often seen as symbolizing transition, growth, hope, and even life, butterflies can serve to inspire.

Artist Nadine Kalachnikoff takes inspiration from these beautiful creatures and creates unique pieces that are breathtaking in their beauty.



Living and working in Palm Beach, Florida alongside her husband, interior designer Lars Bolander, Nadine has carved out a special workspace. Describing it as “not typical,” she explains, “it has French doors, wonderful light, my King Charles Cavalier named Partner and my glass of vodka.” Music often plays a part in her creative environment where she listens to a variety of styles, “opera to rock and roll, it depends on my mood.“ Even the act of getting to her studio is a source of inspiration. “Walking to my little studio inspires every day. I see the sun, the sky, nature and all these things are part of my art.”

In addition to the natural beauty of Palm Beach, Nadine also gets inspiration from her creatively minded husband. “From time to time Lars will come to my studio and I listen to him! Lars is so filled with life, so impulsive to the point of genius that when he comes to my studio I trust his judgment completely. I may not do it, but I trust it.”

While she may get a creative charge from external sources, the origin of the project truly came from within. Nadine explains how it began six years ago, “I no longer wanted to go to our shop but wanted to create something myself and as I was swimming in the pool a butterfly went by. Butterflies to me are magical! Lars was designing a Japanese restaurant and I thought butterflies would be perfect and it began…”

We love the bold and beautiful works that Nadine creates and agree with her completely when asked where she would most like to see her work: “Besides MoMA, any place that would bring joy and happiness.”

Thank you, Nadine!

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All Images Courtesy of Nadine Kalachnikoff

Text by Liana Hayles Newton

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