How to Stage a Home to Sell Quickly

Besides individual homeowners and interior designers, professional home stagers are some of our most frequent clients at The Local Vault. They come to us in search of beautiful pieces to fill empty homes with so that potential buyers can visualize the space in its best light. The pieces they choose (and the ones they don’t) have also taught us a thing or two about how to stage a home for the best results, so we thought we’d share a bit of what we’ve learned, below.

1. Don’t get personal. Potential homebuyers want to be able to picture their own family in a space, which can be hard to do when it’s plastered with photos and memorabilia from the previous homeowner. One of the best things you can do before showing your home is box up anything overly personal, or pare down your collection of family photos, and replace them with art or objects that have more universal appeal.

2. Choose classics. Furniture, decor, print, and color are all highly subjective. One person’s perfect sofa is another’s worst nightmare. So, if you tend to have eclectic taste, a penchant for neon, or a love of avant garde art, it’s wise to consider toning down your decor with simpler, more traditional pieces — they have a better chance of appealing to the masses and making your space feel more relatable.

3. Create warmth. You want your home to feel inviting and welcoming to anyone coming in for a tour, which is hard to do if you’ve already moved out of our home and your space is empty. The good news is you don’t have to completely re-furnish it to make it feel warm and homey. Instead, focus on the key pieces that truly make a difference in a room: drapery hung on the windows, a beautiful area rug, and a simple piece of furniture can make a huge difference in an empty room.

4. Clear the clutter. Clutter makes as a space feel smaller than it actually is — not something you want to project when you’re showing your home to a potential buyer. If your home is stuffed to the brim, consider putting items you won’t need until after your home sells into storage, or sell old or unnecessary furniture and decor (we know a great consignment service, hint hint!).

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