How to Create a Happy Home with Decor

A few weeks ago, with all of the focus on the New Year, resolutions, and fresh beginnings, we came across an interesting article on ElleDecor.com about all of the ways you can make your home a happier place. The article offered tips like: have pets, light vanilla candles, and make your bed every morning, all ideas which we can get behind (except for the days we just don’t feel like making the bed). It got us thinking, though, that if the contents of your home can impact your happiness, then certainly decor can play a role in your mood, too. So, we did some research, and it turns out, we were right. Specifically, there are dozens of Feng Shui principles and color theories out there meant to teach us how to create a happy home with decor. Below, we’re sharing a few that we found to be the most interesting.

1. Clutter kills. According to feng shui, a busy, disorganized, cluttered space is (not surprisingly) a surefire way to make yourself feel anxious and just as disorganized as your surroundings. The antidote? Containing clutter and purging all old or unused belongings (which we offer tips for in our posts on stylish storage furniture and how to get organized).

2. Bring in the outdoors. This tip appeared in the Elle Decor article, but it’s good enough to repeat here: go get yourself some flowers (or better yet, tell your significant other weekly bouquets are essential to your health!). That’s right, bringing in elements from nature, like a gorgeous bouquet, can actually make a difference in your mood (but you already knew that!).

3. Strive for balance. It’s a rule interior designers live by, but it’s good for Feng Shui, too: Having a balanced space, one that incorporates different shapes, weights, and styles of furniture, will flow better and feel more comfortable.

4. Set your sofa against the wall. Floating floor plans are becoming increasingly popular, but ancient Chinese theory suggests sofas are best situated when they’re placed against a wall and facing a door, which will make you feel safe.

5. Consider colors. Colors are one of the biggest factors in Feng Shui, with different tones more suitable for certain spaces. In private spaces, like the bedroom and master bathrooms, choose soothing, relaxing tones like pale blue, off white, and soft green. In public areas, however, invigorating shades like red, or deep, saturated tones like navy and eggplant are said to facilitate conversation and energy.

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