Tips for Creating a Stylish, Functional Home Office

When you’re a mom, working from home can be the ultimate happy medium for your work-life balance. It cuts out commute time, offers limitless flexibility, and allows you to work in yoga pants (which makes you a happier, more easy going parent, of course). But, it also come with a host of temptations, too. You’re always only a stone’s throw away from your TV (and a morning well spent with Kelly & Michael), that pile of laundry that needs to be washed, and of course, your car, which can take you to wonderful places like the nail salon and your favorite wine bar.

The best way to beat out all of these temptations and become a successful, effective momprenuer, freelancer, or work-from-home employee is to carve out a dedicated office space somewhere in your home. A place you go every morning at the same time to get things done, just like you would if you had a job that required you to go into an office.

To help you be your best hustler, we’ve compiled three tried-and-true tips for creating a stylish and functional home office space.

1. Choose a room with a door. If you have the option, dedicating an entire room to your home office is a better choice than a kitchen table or nook in the living room. For one, being in a room where you can shut the door to the rest of your house creates a psychological separation between your work life and your home life. It also physically blocks out any distractions, like the dog begging you for a walk or seeing a pile of dirty dishes out of the corner of your eye. If you don’t have a room to spare, set up your work space or computer in a place that can be permanent–this will start to create the sense that when you sit in this spot, it’s time for work.
home offfice design - desk

2. Dress for success. No, you don’t have to wear heels – we’re talking about dressing your office (whew!). You should fill it with all the usual trappings of a workspace, like a desk and chair, storage or filing system, a white board or pin board, which will both help you get organized and set up for a productive day. The good news, however, is that because you don’t work at a high rise or in an office park, you can steer clear of Office Max when shopping for these essentials. Instead, choose pieces you love and that reflect your personal taste, style, and the rest of your home.
home office design-DWR panton chair
3. Get inspired. Since working from home doesn’t give you the regular interaction with colleagues that can sometimes spark bright ideas, one of the best things you can do for your productivity is surround yourself with things that inspire you, like wall art that offers words of wisdom, family photos, pretty vignettes, and mood boards that outline your goals, which can help get ideas flowing.
4. Go crazy on the office supplies. OK so this not may be a tried-and-true office design idea, but it’s something we firmly believe in: Life’s too short for boring office supplies, especially when there are so many well-designed alternatives. We love the lines by Kate Spade, Nate Berkus for Target, and everything on Poppin.com.

Now, get to work!

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