Gifts for the New Grad: Furnishings for a First Apartment

Think back to your very first apartment on your own. You’re probably conjuring images of hand-me-down furniture scrounged from your parents’ basement, bare walls, flea market dishes, and perhaps even the cliche milk-crate coffee table. Don’t let this happen to your own children (or your nieces, nephews, grand kids, or heck, your friends’ kids). If you know a new grad this year and are currently racking your brain for a gift, send them into adulthood in style (or at least contribute to creating a stylish corner) with gifts for their first place that are high-quality, built to last, and comfortable. Here are a few must-have furnishings for a first apartment.

Something for the walls. Even with a college degree, starting salaries aren’t what they once were, and new grads often have more important things to spend their money on than decor for their walls. But as you well know, older and wiser person who has owned a few different homes along the way, one of the best ways to make a space feel welcoming and lived in is to hang things on the walls. Choose something based on personal interest (a map of New York City if they’re headed there, perhaps), or a piece that feels youthful and optimistic.


Multipurpose pieces. There’s a good chance that a first apartment, no matter what city it’s in, isn’t exactly going to be spacious. If your gift recipient is moving to a city in the Northeast, that chance becomes a guarantee. Give the gift of functionality with furniture that pulls double, or in this case, triple duty. This red vintage painted trunk can serve as a coffee table, storage unit, and a place to kick up your feet!


Something special for their room. Ah, roommates. Even the best ones come with challenges, which means that if your new grad is doubled (or tripled) up, their bedroom will instantly become their personal haven. Make it a place to relax and retreat after a long day in the real world with a gift that feels luxurious and special.  We love unique a pair of cozy cashmere throw pillows, trinket boxes for storing jewelry, or even a headboard to make the space feel finished and homey.




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