Get the Look: The Gorgeous Set of Love the Coopers

There are movies we love to watch because of the plot, movies we love to watch because of the actors … and then there are movies we love to watch for the set. Movies with rooms that are so gorgeous we’re tempted to press pause and take notes about lighting and paint colors. One of our favorite examples of the latter is the movie Something’s Gotta Give. In case you haven’t seen it, it stars Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, and the most beautifully decorated Hampton’s home we’ve ever seen. It takes the cake for our all time favorite movie set.

Really though, how gorgeous is this?

Image via Hooked on Houses
Image via Hooked on Houses

Of course, we were beyond excited when we leaned that Beth Rubino, the set designer behind Something’s Gotta Give was also the mastermind behind this season’s holiday comedy Love the Coopers, currently in theaters (and also starring Diane Keaton!). While we were debating taking a team building trip to the movie theater to see the film, we ended up deciding to wait until it came out on Netflix so we can pause to ooh and ahh (and take notes on lighting and paint color) as needed. However, we did uncover these gorgeous shots from the set which show just how talented Beth Rubino really is. We might just have a new contender for favorite movie set of all time.

Love the Coopers Movie Set
Image via CBS Films

Love the Coopers Movie Set
Image by Suzanna Tenner

Love the Coopers Movie Set
Image via CBS Films

Love the Coopers Movie Set
Image via Suzanna Tenner

Love the Love the Coopers look as much as we do? Good, because we’ve re-created it with a few of our favorite pieces currently in our inventory (click image to shop!).

White dinnerware – a necessity for open kitchen shelving.

crate and barrel dinner plates

A classic farm table for family gatherings.

farm table

Throw a new slipcover over this Edward Ferrell club chair and it’ll look exactly like the ones in the set’s living room.


This antique brass and marble table speaks to the set design’s traditional roots, mixed with contemporary flair.

circa antiques table

What movie set is your favorite?

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