Eco (& Design) Conscious


In our newsletter earlier this month, we shared our eco-conscious mission which we have always been striving towards and pledge to pursue with even more dedication in the new decade. (Don’t get our newsletter? Sign up HERE and don’t miss out on news and new arrivals!).

As part of our efforts to minimize disposable furniture by keeping it out of the rapidly expanding landfills, we encourage instead bringing high-quality pieces into the home that will stand the test of time. While we all know that occasional redecorating or simply wanting to add something beautiful to the home is to be expected,  we believe it can be done while maintaining an earth-friendly way of life.

To celebrate this, most stylish way of contributing to an “earth first” ethos and lifestyle, we are sharing a look into the homes of The Local Vault shoppers to take a look at how some vintage pieces fit beautifully in their new homes.


Antique Irish Mirror and Gilded Candlesticks

A mirror is a perfect way to make a small space feel more open which is why this antique Irish mirror is a fantastic addition to the space shown here. Bringing out the gold accents in the wallpaper, it gives a layered feel all while adding the illusion of more space. Not to be outdone by the mirror, this savvy shopper also added gorgeous gold-gilded candlesticks for a truly luxurious finishing touch.

Vintage Brass Floor Lamp

What began as simply a chair situated in the corner of the room becomes an eclectic reading corner with the addition of an antique brass reading lamp. The cowhide chair,  Warhol print, and Chinese garden stool work together for a nook with a ton of personality. Adding a classic reading lamp allows the pieces already there to shine while lending an element of timelessness.

UFO Italian Dining Table + Vintage Hans Wegner Dining Chairs

In keeping with the modern feeling of the space, these vintage Wegner dining chairs and sleek Italian table give a nod to the roots of modern furniture design while simultaneously adding to a cohesive look.

Syrian Bone Inlaid Chest on Stand

Here, a Syrian bone inlay chest adds a worldly element next to a pair of classic wicker chairs. Not only does it function as a side table, but it is simply a beautiful heirloom quality piece.

Holly Hunt Sofas

We love the way this pair of grey Holly Hunt sofas fits perfectly into the room. Mirroring the clean lines of both the fireplace and the coffee table, they look as if they were made for this space.


Feel free to share photos of your TLV finds. We’d love to hear from you!

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