Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Beautiful

So, you know when you meet someone and think, “Oh geez it’s going to be really hard to like her.”  Well this is how I could have felt upon meeting our newest featured artist Danielle Coleman.  She is drop dead gorgeous, talented and young, did I mention gorgeous?  To top all that off, she is as lovely as can be.  Yuck, right??

All kidding aside, if you are from the Riverside/Old Greenwich area I am sure you have seen Danielle and her cutie-pie daughter bombing around town on her bike.  She and her husband Pat are both very involved members of our community and have brought a lot to our far city of Greenwich.  It is this sort of family and artist that The Local Vault adores, local, talented and involved.

Danielle grew up in Long Island and started out in front of the camera as a model for Wilhelmina. While achieving great success there, she found that her true passion was to be taking the shots not posing for them. Her subject: the gorgeous scenery of the East Coast (with an occasional western ski shot every now and then).  Her eye for capturing the iconic beauty and feel of what it is to live along the water’s edge is excellent.

I credit Danielle’s images for getting me through this past winter, previewing them during the dreary days of February and March kept me sane and confident that the grey landscape would eventually explode in gorgeous blues and greens!  Just think how therapeutic it would be to have one in your home year round.  Yes, therapeutic, what a great 50th birthday present for a wife of 26 years…feel free to drop this hint on my hubby. Don’t be subtle with this hint or he will miss it, trust me. Then click HERE to take a look at Danielle’s beautiful collection.

Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Send a prayer of thanks to all the brave men and women in the military who have given their lives for our freedom and enjoy your family, friends and community!



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