Designing with Linda Ruderman

In a world where trends gain traction, peak and then putter out in an increasingly quick fashion, the sage advice of an experienced professional, one with generations of knowledge at her fingertips is of great value. If one thinks of a home as a (micro) ecosystem, we begin to see how all elements must work in conjunction with one another in order to be successful.  Not only is  functionality important, but, according to Linda Ruderman of Linda Ruderman Interiors “continuity, circulation, practicality, and suitability” are also of paramount importance.

A good interior designer can do this well. A great interior designer does all this with such artfulness and with such careful consideration of the client’s personality that when a project is complete, one gets the feeling that the outcome was always meant to be.

We caught up with Linda Ruderman, who in addition to her work as a (great) interior designer is also on the precipice of launching a home collection in her own name, to get some insider advice on decorating, what item in the home is always worth investing in and the home fragrance she swears by in her own abode.

Image Courtesy of Linda Ruderman Interiors

TLV: Do you have any design rules you follow?

LR: I do not have any special design rules that I follow but I do believe in structuring a creative design process for my clients.  I believe that the journey a homeowner embarks upon should be both enjoyable as well as educational. I work very closely with my clients in designing their spaces to articulate the clients own histories, passions, needs and desires.  I approach each project with always keeping the big picture in mind as well as the goals and expectations of the team and  our clients.


TLV: What is one item in your home that you can’t live without?

LR: There is nothing better then getting into a comfortable bed with beautiful bedding after a long day of work.

Image Courtesy of Linda Ruderman Interiors


TLV: What is one item always worth investing in?

LR: That item for me is ART!  Artwork makes a room come alive.  It adds color, dimension and scale to any room.

TLV: Any advice for amateur designers or someone redoing a room or home on their own?

LR: Yes, before you start purchasing anything for the room, have a complete plan.  So many people make the mistake of buying randomly and they end up with items that do not work together, and are either too big or too small.   Measure your room and try to layout the furniture or items that you desire for that room before purchasing.

Image Courtesy of Linda Ruderman Interiors

TLV: What do you turn to when you need a dose of creative inspiration?

LR: Sometimes I go for a long walk, or I flip through the books in my design library.  Resourcing on the internet is helpful as well, however my most creative inspiration always comes from traveling.

TLV: What advice would you give someone interested in shopping for the home with sustainability in mind?

LR: Sustainablity is on everyones mind these days.  There are many websites you can visit to make sure you are buying products that have the performance you are looking for.  LRI has completed several LEED certified projects, and we incorporate green design whenever  possible for our Clients.

Image Courtesy of Linda Ruderman Interiors

TLV: What item or element of design in your home makes you most happy?

LR: My outdoor kitchen is my happy place.  I love to cook and entertain and it is so much fun to be able to do it outside.

TLV: What would you be doing if you weren’t a designer?

LR: That is a good question since I truly love my craft.  Whatever it would be, it definitely would have to be something in a creative industry.

Image Courtesy of Linda Ruderman Interiors

TLV: Favorite TV Show?

LR: Downton Abby or anything like that and has to do with History.  I do not watch TV that much so when I do I love to go back in time and see all the clothes and interiors.

TLV: Best candle or home fragrance?

LR: Hands down  Lafco Chamomile and Lavender.  It is called Master Bedroom.

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