Decorating: Folk Art and Americana

Americana and Folk décor is a timeless way to add a vintage touch to the home. Whether you are looking to mix in a few subtle nods to American cultural history or you want to deck out a space with the total look, read on for our tips on how to achieve your ideal aesthetic.



Few items elicit the nostalgia that vintage signs often do. Pieces, particularly those from the 30s, 40s and 50s, provide a unique way to add color to a room as well as preserve a piece of American cultural history.

1935 Coca-Cola Porcelain Shield Double Sided Sign, $1,800

Vintage “Lobster Dinners” Sign, $600

Vintage Two Sided “We Sell Kodak Film” Sign, $400

Vintage “Tri-Lake Bus Depot” Sign, $400


Wooden furniture pieces, armoires, chests and tables are a practical and beautiful way to bring folk art into the home. Hand-painted in bold hues or decorated in early American motifs such as simple graphic patterns, flora or fauna, these one of a kind pieces are a special way to add history to a space.

Early 19th C. Green Painted Wood Mechanic’s Chest, $1,680

Antique Hand Stenciled Wood Armoire, $3,800

Antique Green Plank Seat Paint Decorated Side Chairs, $2,800


Quilts represent a classic form of repurposing materials to create a new item filled with its own unique history. An art form practiced for form as well as function. It’s becoming increasingly rare to see this kind of handwork done today. Whether it’s in a frame to be admired or worked into a piece of furniture as upholstery quilting and needlework are worthy of becoming heirlooms.

De Angelis, Ltd. Custom Quilted Tight Back Three Cushion Sofa, $2,000

Bielecky Brothers Wicker Armchair with Needlepoint Cushion, $1,200

Willow Branch Benches, Pair, $1,200

Red & White Quilted Wing Back Chair, $2,000



Nods to fishing, hunting and other recreational pursuits such as canoeing are all fantastic ways to bring the feeling of American wide open spaces, fresh air and pre-technology pastimes into our daily lives in the home.

Painted Pine Fisherman’s Chest, $600

9 x 12 Patterson Flynn Martin Wool Rug, $2,800

Blue Painted Boxes with Fish & Yellowstone Park Theme, $425

Vintage Painted Red Canoe & Green Paddle, $600

Collection of Antique Canoe Paddles, $1,200

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