Creating Peaceful Surroundings: A Conversation with Designer Laura Hodges

A home should be a sanctuary. A place to find peace, calm and hopefully, beauty. When designer Laura Hodges works her magic on a space, all of these elements feel as though they have effortlessly fallen into place. Her designs are serene and natural, earthy while still feeling polished and elegant. With a global point of view and an expertise in sustainability, she approaches each project with the unique needs of each client in mind as well as how to best protect our planet and environment.

“In our work, I always consider form and function, of course, but also how we can make a significant impact in a space. How can we channel our client’s design style and aesthetic to create a curated space that speaks to them? We focus on clean lines, sculptural profiles and design details that resonate with our client which does make a space feel more tailored. I integrate global style into everything we do by allowing influences from my travels around the world and research into different cultural design styles to be reflected in our projects. I love to introduce our clients to styles that might be new to them and support fair trade manufacturers from around the world. We also make every effort to be responsible with our design choices and sourcing furnishings. We help our clients donate or recycle unwanted building materials and furnishings and first start with sourcing vintage and antiques before considering newly made pieces.”

Her work proves that we can choose design that is healthy for our planet without losing an ounce of style in the process. “I find that I am always drawn to natural light and calm and peaceful surroundings. When using neutrals, I always incorporate textured fabrics and materials, original artwork and I love to allow as much natural light in as possible. I find that a natural sense of peace and calm can come from having a view, however small, to the outside. When that’s not possible, horizontal lines can mimic the peaceful impact of the horizon line.”

A focus on global style brings a unique feel to each of her projects. “The first years of my childhood, and subsequent summer vacations, were spent in England which definitely impacted my natural interest in homes with character and a history. I love working with older homes and my travels have given me a deeper appreciation for a range of design styles that I can pull from for inspiration.”

Incorporating a sense of history and an individualized blend of style in her work lends itself naturally to the use of vintage and antique pieces. “We always start designing a new space by seeing if we can incorporate vintage and antique pieces into the project. Not only is it more sustainable, these pieces add so much character and are usually of a higher quality than many newly made pieces. I love online marketplaces, but I really love estate sales and auctions for in-person sourcing. It’s important to make sure you have an open mind when looking for older pieces and consider whether you could refinish or reupholster a piece to bring it back to life.”

This practice is also beneficial when designing with sustainability in mind. “We consider not only the source of the furniture, which would hopefully be locally made or at least American made, but also the source of the wood, fabric and whether the manufacturing and fabrication practices are fair and equitable to the workers. Starting a design project with vintage and antique pieces allows us to create less waste through new production and save pieces from the landfill. It’s not just about the furnishings though, we love to also think about the lifestyle within the home. We trade out plastic goods for lower waste options (ie: bar dish soap instead of liquid), encourage composting stations in kitchens and introduce LED lighting throughout the home.”

Her appreciation for unique finds and vintage pieces extends to decorating her own home as well. “My personal design style is rather eclectic with a mostly neutral palette highlighted by original artwork and lots of plants. I love natural light and highlighting views outside and we also love music so a variety of instruments are always on display. I found an antique Savonarola chair at an estate sale a few years ago that is very meaningful to me and I recently designed a custom sectional for our family room.”

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Q&A with Designer Laura Hodges

Q: Dream travel location?

A: “We’re already planning our trip to Japan!”


Q: What are you currently reading or watching?

A: “I love watching The Chi and I’m excited to start reading Of Women and Salt.”


Q: Favorite way to spend a Sunday?

A: “We love playing music with our friends and I’ve recently starting painting as well.”

Text by Liana Hayles Newton / Images courtesy of Laura Hodges

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