Connie Cusick of PROOF Jewelry – A Renaissance Woman!!

Glam” …. I love that word! That word is the embodiment of cool, fashionable and fun all rolled up into one very unique entity.


Glam is how I would describe one of TLV’s favorite people, and our new featured vendor!  Connie Cusick, creator of the fabulously chic PROOF Jewelry line, is a serious ball of energy sprinkled with style and wit. I get both entertained and tired just watching her. Need “proof”? Within the last 10 years she has formed 7 different companies and has most recently been certified in business coaching at NYU and Harvard.

 Vintage Art Deco Buckle Necklace_643x497

Upon first meeting Connie you may notice she and her cellphone are inseparable. Social media is key in any business and Connie is an expert in this field; it is after all one of her key businesses: “Be a Business Badass”. Awesome name! She is constantly snapping photos and posting updates of her jewelry line, the trunk show she is running and/or being featured in, the vendor events she participates in etc etc etc … it really is non-stop for Connie.

 Antique French Double Steel-Cut Buckle Bracelet 1900's_643x497

When she isn’t being a BADASS, Connie is traveling to Europe on that relentless search for the next fresh piece, or that inspirational design idea which she’ll incorporate into her PROOF Jewelry collection. Did I neglect to mention that Connie is also a Mom?! Yep, in addition to all of this, she is raising two wonderful boys while maintaining a beautiful home in Connecticut. This gal truly rocks!


Here’s a little bit about what motivates Connie, straight from the source, in this revealing 5 point Q & A:


  1. What made you decide to create your own jewelry collection?

Inspired by vintage all my life and loving the art of redesigning pieces with a history led me create a line mixing modern elements with vintage glamour!


  1. What makes your jewelry unique from other lines of jewelry?

My pieces are all original one-of-kind designs so each piece gives an individual statement to the woman who wears it!


  1. Where do you find your pieces?

The collection of vintage buckles, Lockets and FOBS come from England and France as well private estate sales and markets.


  1. How do you get your jewelry out there in the public eye?

My website is proofjewelry.com where you can sign up for the VIP list and be notified when new pieces are revealed and be put on the list for my private shows. As well Instagram, FB+Twitter. Locally, Millie Raes-Westport, No.299-Fairfield + Pimlico-New Canaan carry my line. And, of course, TheLocalVault.com!


  1. What or who inspires your designs? Coco Chanel, Tom Ford and every trip to the movies!


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