Cricket's Crush

TLV puts Cricket’s incomparable style at your fingertips!

Veteran NYC-based magazine stylist, Cricket Burns is a self-professed home decor fanatic. Not a day goes by that she is not crushing (hence Cricket’s Crush) on something unique and fabulous in the design world.
Whether it’s regarding her personal style or home decor, Cricket is constantly asked, “Where did you find that? “, “Where can I buy that? “, “How did you think of that? “, “Can you do that for me?”…          Image as seen in NYC& G Magazine

Mariana Antinori Designed Claret Velvet Ottomans
Original Purchase Price $5600
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Mariana Antinori Designed Upholstered Plaid Ottomans
Original Purchase Price $5800
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Mariana Antinori Designed Carpincho Bench with Horn Legs
Original Purchase Price $2600
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Mariana Antinori Designed Mahogany Table with Hide Top
Original Purchase Price $4500
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