A Collected Not Curated Home: We Chat with Anna and Caroline Burke of Anna Burke Interiors

When we need a dash of décor inspiration there is nothing like having a little chat with a talented designer to trigger our passion for improving our homes. In this case, we get twice the dose of creativity with the powerhouse duo at Anna Burke Interiors.

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Sisters Anna and Caroline Burke of Anna Burke Interiors do not always agree when designing homes together but not only does that not stop them from being a  great team, it actually works as a strength. The sisters explain: “We disagree often and usually end up finding another option or choice that we both like. ” In fact, “Working together as sisters is as good as it gets. Whenever people ask us how long we’ve been working together we tell them we’ve been partners for over 30 years! We always have each other’s backs and this is incredibly important in a business partnership. We respect each other’s opinions and having two different points of view during the design process is invaluable.”

Image Via: Anna Burke Interiors

And while these sisters have been going strong for 30 years, interior design has been a part of their family for much longer. Their mother was a designer as well and would often bring the sisters along scouting at showrooms and working at job sites. This ignited a passion in the sisters and for Caroline in particular, a love of classical architecture and decor.


But this realization did not come right away. Anna explains: “I grew up in a family where my parents built houses as a hobby, and from a very early age spent time on work sites, touring properties and looking at design schemes with my mother. I didn’t know that I wanted to be a designer until I had another job after college that was absolutely horrible! I decided I had to find a job doing something I loved; interior design was a natural fit.”

Image Via: Anna Burke Interiors

TLV:  What do you bring to your work that derives from your mother’s influence and what is something you do that she would not?

ABI: Our mother has beautiful taste. She is very classic and her taste is elegant but practical. She gave us a good eye for color and a genetic predisposition to stopping to pick up anything off of the side of the road that “just needs to be recovered”. As for something we do that she would not; I think in general we are more contemporary than her and are more likely to incorporate mid-century pieces into our projects.

That eye for individuality and hands-on approach comes naturally to Anna and Caroline. “We do all the projects ourselves, from hand or CAD drafting to site meetings and trips to the D+D. We pride ourselves on creating spaces that say more about our clients than us. I don’t necessarily want someone to walk into a home we’ve decorated and know that it was done by us.”

Image Via: Anna Burke Interiors

For those of us tackling a design project of our own, the sisters offer sage advice: “Buy what you love! Every single time. Invest in custom-made upholstery and if you’re looking to make a statement do it in places that are not difficult to change down the road. For example; pillows and roman shades can be updated in 5 years. Tiling your entire bathroom in a crazy tile is another story….”

All good advice, though Anna notes, “The most challenging project I ever did was my own apartment. Being a designer means that I am exposed to so many different interiors. I tire of trends very quickly and felt compelled to make a statement in my own home whilst also creating something classic and beautiful.”

TLV: Speaking of that personal style, we love that you create spaces that feel “collected not decorated”. How do you achieve this feeling in your work or your own home?

ABI: I love shopping. I spend a lot of time online on The Local Vault, 1stdibs, Chairish, Etsy and eBay. I am always on the hunt for a deal. Because I live in an apartment I have had to be more disciplined about what I bring into my home. I have quite a large supply of vintage match strikes, glassware, table linens, and art. I love layering things on coffee tables and bookshelves.

Image Via: Anna Burke Interiors

Before we go, just for fun:

TLV: Favorite home fragrance?

ABI: I’m not a huge fan of fragrance; however I love the smell of a wood burning fireplace in the winter and fresh cut flowers any time of year.

TLV:Best hostess gift?

ABI:Flowers sent the day of the event or a pair of vintage embroidered Madeira hand towels.

Thanks Anna and Caroline!

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