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1 Piece, 3 Ways: The Antique Crystal & Brass Basket Chandelier

It's time again for our monthly take on our favorite pieces at TLV, AKA our excuse to let our design dreams run wild and decorate a few fantasy spaces with our inventory (what's the fun of selling beautiful things if you can't daydream about them a ...


How to Use Wall Sconces in Every Room of the Home

In our opinion, wall sconces are one of the most underused elements in home decor. It's always seemed like lighting plans have typically included built in ceiling lights, beautiful chandeliers, and plenty of floor and table lamps, but not a sconce to ...


Let There Be Light

You know when something seems too good to be true....there is usually a good reason for it.  Great house on the market....backs up to a pre-school playground, gorgeous guy smiling at, married or your teenaged sons mature looking friend, lo ...