Catching up With Designer Lauren Muse

Browsing through interior designer Lauren Muse’s portfolio, the rooms beckon. Their sophisticated use of color, statement lighting, attention to detail and unique blending of styles makes you want to move in and throw a fabulous dinner party straight away. We love that she has both a sense of timelessness as well as a joyous dose of whimsy.

As this month’s guest curator, she shares her favorite picks from our collection at The Local Vault and we couldn’t help but use this opportunity to ask her for some expert tips on shopping for the home.  She also reveals where she goes to get inspired and the one item always worth investing in.

TLV: Too often when shopping for the home we are left choosing between form and function. What tips can you share about finding pieces that are both functional and attractive?

LM: I always choose function. All the furnishings we use need check the box in both beauty and comfort. Most of our clients are families and the furnishings need to live up to everyday use of family life.


TLV: What are your influences and how are they manifested in your work?

LM: I devour design books and magazines and obviously travel when I can but if travel isn’t in the cards even local inspiration like a trip to a beautifully curated shop can give you that inspiration you need.


G Family Room (1)Photo Courtesy of : Muse Interiors

TLV: What design trends are you seeing that will endure?

LM: I think individuality is key that everyone’s home should look like their own and have their own collections and interest. I don’t love it when you can walk in the room and name where all the pieces are from. It should be a collection and reflect them in the end not the designer


TLV: Do you have any design rules you follow?

LM: Not really – I do think a lot about timelessness and how things will look down the path a bit. I never want to get to enamored with any given trend.


TLV: What do you find to be the biggest design challenge when putting together a room from scratch?

LM: I am always thinking about the budget and how to put all the pieces together to make it look really rich and beautiful, but still in keeping with the client’s budget.

Lauren Muse copy


Photo Courtesy of : Muse Interiors

TLV: What do you turn to when you need a dose of creative inspiration?

LM: I often turn to nature, even a walk around Tod’s Point can do the trick to clear my mind and inspire.


TLV: What is one item always worth investing in?

LM:  Lighting. You rarely switch out your lighting so think if it as jewelry and something that you will have for the duration you are I the home.

F Powder Room (1)Photo Courtesy of : Muse Interiors

TLV: What item or element of design in your home makes you most happy?

LM: My bed. I spend a lot of time in it. I invest in high-end linens pillows and down comforters. I actually design a lot at night from my bed on my ipad.

Thanks, Lauren!

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