Tips for Creating a Stylish, Functional Home Office

When you're a mom, working from home can be the ultimate happy medium for your work-life balance. It cuts out commute time, offers limitless flexibility, and allows you to work in yoga pants (which makes you a happier, more easy going parent, of cour ...


Local Love: Point Pickup

Today we're going to talk about something that seems very appropriate for a Friday, when you're totally frazzled and completely ready for the weekend (we're not the only ones, right?): A new service that's designed specifically to make your everyday ...


Fashionable Decor Picks in Honor of NYFW

This week marks the kickoff of one of our favorite events all year: Fashion month. The parade of runway shows and street style stars officially begins with New York Fashion Week this Thursday, February 11, and culminates in mid-March with the Paris s ...


How to Create a Happy Home with Decor

A few weeks ago, with all of the focus on the New Year, resolutions, and fresh beginnings, we came across an interesting article on ElleDecor.com about all of the ways you can make your home a happier place. The article offered tips like: have pets, ...


6 Stylish Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Chocolates and Champagne are great and everything, but if you're truly looking for the way to a stylish woman's heart this Valentine's Day, something a little more well, permanent, might be in order. Our suggestion? Something chic for the home, which ...


Nice Legs! A Quick Style Guide to Furniture Legs

From sleek and minimalist, to retro and modern, to classic and feminine, your legs say a lot more about your style than you'd think ... if we're talking about furniture legs, that is. What your furniture stands on might seem like a small detail in th ...


1 Piece 3 Ways: The Pedestal Table

A pedestal table is the true definition of a timeless piece; a design that originated in the 1700s and hasn't gone out of style since. In our opinion, though, just because a piece is classic doesn't mean it has to be relegated to a traditional styl ...


Decor Win: Chandeliers in the Kitchen

There's no questions that a kitchen is, first and foremost, a functional space. If your pantry isn't large enough to hold rations for your teenagers for more than 24 hours, your stovetop takes 20 minutes to boil a kettle of tea, and your wine fridge ...


Can’t Miss Design Events in New York City

The months of January through April are huge for the interior design world: More than any other period on the calendar, late winter and early spring are jam-packed with trade shows and home decor markets that set the tone and the trends for the rest ...


Investment Pieces: The Settee

When it comes to decorating your home, there are two sets of furniture you'll likely own. The pieces you truly get your money's worth form because you keep them forever, and the ones you get sick of and replace after a few seasons. There's a place in ...

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