First question, what to wear? Not to go out, not to go for a run, nope…What to wear while typing my first blog for The Local Vault? I was attempting to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw – she always seemed comfortable, sexy, and stylish. I have no cute tap pants or lingerie that still fits me, that all went by the wayside after my third child. I very quickly came to the realization that sexy ain’t coming back for me…so comfortable and stylish? I can do that, right? I mean, maybe not NYC stylish. I live in a shingle house in CT, not a cool brownstone in Manhattan…but I still have some style. So, second outfit idea… blue jeans and white button down…classic and casual but not really that comfy. I mean aren’t I supposed to be curled up on my sofa or sitting on a kitchen stool with one leg tucked under my butt? There is not a chance that that will be comfy in any of my jeans at this point (thanks again to the three kiddos: they were worth it, they were worth it, they were worth it).  And anyway, stylish is really not a necessity for my blogging, HBO isn’t taping me. Comfortable it is! My go-to outfit is the one I wear once I land home for the day – my jean/sweatpants Rag & Bone Mirimar pants, a white cami and an oversized sweater (cashmere of course!) Ok, ready to go. I curl up (sort of) and start to type. What was I going to write about? Give me a second, I will remember…I swear!

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