No.299 Saved My M-I-L Relationship!!

I know, I know, every woman is like me. Running around doing a million things at once. Thinking you’re being so very productive during any given day.

So, my typical day goes something like this:

Wake up groggy because I woke up 17 times during the night; get kids up; deal with kids; send them to school; workout (haha jk!); shower; get dressed; throw a load of laundry in; go to the corner bagel store, Joe’s The Bagel, and buy something I didn’t have to make; go to work; work; work; work; go to grocery store; chauffer children to whatever and wherever; go home; make dinner; get on computer to work or pay bills; go to bed exhausted. Sometimes I add more things in, but somehow things never seem to come off this list.

One of these added items was a “Thank You for Having Us Visit” gift to my in-laws. I mean this was actually the sole purpose of my leaving the house that morning. If I didn’t do anything else, I had to do that. Plus, we were leaving to go to Rhode Island that night, which means, as usual, I left it to the last minute.

Here is where the No.299 Design Gallery comes to the rescue. I of course, did forget to get the gift. No surprise there… but I didn’t panic because I knew of the cutest, newly opened, little store, set off the beaten retail path (at 318 Villa Avenue in Fairfield CT), and right on my way home. I knew I would find something there that would appeal to my mom-in-law’s discerning taste. I walk in to No.299 and there it is, the perfect gift for my ocean-loving in–law: a canvas beach tote with a large imprint of a lobster in her favorite understated colors. While I was there I grabbed a lobster tea towel, and just to really drive home this theme, some old-timey (but new) boxed matches with yes, a lobster print adorning it. Problem solved! And for once, I didn’t break the bank by buying yet another “I don’t care what it costs, I need something!” gift.

Jackie Fucigna has an amazing eye and covers all tastes. She carries everything from her signature line of re-furbished painted furniture pieces (featured on our website www.thelocalvault.com along with her bio), to very cool jewelry, to a large assortment of yummy smelling candles, to “vintage” new pieces, to amazing “flea-market finds” … plus so much more. Because of this, No.299 has a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to sit down and have a cup of coffee and a chat – which I do quite often now! Every time you enter this treasure-filled shop you will absolutely find something new and fun. Jackie is always searching for ways to liven up her store. Constantly on the prowl for new and vintage pieces alike, she mixes them in a way that just goes together. Currently you’ll find her bringing in the colors and smells of autumn. Absolutely delicious!!

(Oh, and by the way, my Mother-In-Law loved the gifts. Phew!!)


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